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BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra
BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra
BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra
BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra
BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra

BiOBUDDi - Animal Planet - Cobra

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Build this cheerful long cobra snake with your son or daughter. By building and playing BiOBUDDi, children develop not only motor and creative skills but also cognitive skills. Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity with the BiOBUDDi toy blocks. This building set consists of 16 parts, 10 building blocks, 6 expression cards for playing an educational memory game, and a textbook.

Meet the Cobra from Animal planet

The Animal planet Cobra play set is made for children from 1.5 to 6 years old. This fun play set can be used to let your son or daughter learn in a playful way about all kinds of animals that roam the earth. The play set consists of 10 building blocks with multiple prints and 6 expression cards. Use these building blocks to build your own Animal planet Cobra together with your son or daughter. Print the brand new express cards from the 100% recyclable packaging and play an educational memory game with your little one.

Buy sustainable toys from BiOBUDDi

All these toy blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable, durable, and also interchangeable with other brands. The building blocks of BiOBUDDi are made from the remains of the sugar cane plant and this makes it an ecological product. Playing with blocks is good for the motor development of a young child. With BiOBUDDi you show that you treat the planet and the future of the earth responsibly. In addition, BiOBUDDi guarantees hours of safe and responsible playing fun. BiOBUDDi products are demonstrably produced CO2 neutral.

The main advantages of this Cobra

  • Environmentally friendly made from residual sugar cane.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • Building is good for motor skills and fantasy.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Good for the motor development of a young child.
  • The toy blocks can be combined with blocks from other well-known brands.
  • The play set contains a textbook with assignments, with which the child can perform fun educational assignments.
Discover and learn all new animals in a playful way with the new play set from BiOBUDDi. Collect all Animal planet toy sets and create your own animal world.

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