Free delivery over €20 (Malta) & €40 (Gozo).
Free delivery over €20 (Malta) & €40 (Gozo).
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The Learning Curve is a family business based in Malta (EU) and the brain child of 2 young and enthusiastic parents who are raising their 2 young kids inspired by the love for learning, the joy of nature and the outdoors, the value of the Montessori and Waldorf approaches and a bucket full of love and patience.

With this worldview, it was not always easy to find educational toys and resources that are both fun and serve to help the kids learn through play. With extensive experience in education and a keen interest in child development, it was only a matter of when - rather than if - that we would launch this project as a means of helping other parents find excellent quality, toys and learning resources for their own children.

We believe that kids learn & grow through play. This is why we have curated a well diversified and extensive range of toys and learning resources that are generally fun, educational, wooden, inspire outdoor play and promote the learning or fine-tuning of skills that are essential for every age bracket. We pride ourselves on seeking toys that are safe, durable, and - as much as possible - eco-friendly and sustainably made, thus being safe for both kids and the planet 🌱

This is why our store represents predominantly European brands who are worth their while. We seek partners who share our philosophy that a good toy should last a lifetime. Here are some examples of The Learning Curve's green credentials:

  • paints that are made from 100% natural earth pigments,
  • wooden toys made from FSC certified wood or sustainably harvested rubber wood,
  • soft toys made from organic cotton and polyester that is 100% recycled,
  • colourful plastic blocks made from a new material that is plant-based, 100% recyclable and CO2 neutral, and
  • cute beach and bath toys that are BPA free, phthalates free, latex free and recyclable.

We are always open for what our valued customers think so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please drop us a line and we'll be all ears 😊