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BiOBUDDi - The Process

Build A Better Tomorrow with BiOBUDDi!

We are proud to say that our products are designed and made in the Netherlands. Our main focus is to produce safe, eco-friendly and high-quality products. Every day is a challenge to improve our production process. From our biobased materials to our manufacturing in the Netherlands, we’re raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. We strongly believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through goods people buy and use every day.

Global warming

You might not see it, but the air is everywhere around us. Air consists of many types of gasses, like nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The combustion of coals, gasses, and oil in power plants and the combustion of fuels like gasoline in cars, ships, and airplanes release carbon dioxide. The plants and trees turn this carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they cannot keep up with the increased amount of carbon dioxide released today.

cycle process BiOBUDDi

Carbon dioxide is part of the atmosphere, a protective layer around the planet to keep the Earth in balance. Light and warmth of the sun pass through this layer but when there is too much carbon dioxide in the air the warmth cannot leave our atmosphere, resulting in a rise of temperature. The increased temperature rise has several negative consequences, such as ice of the North Pole that melts and devastating floods. Other consequences of the increased temperature are droughts and forest fires. We call this increase in temperature global warming. With our production of toys we do not want to be part of this harmful cycle.

Natural compound

To prevent the temperature from rising any further BiOBUDDi searched for a resource which absorbs carbon dioxide. A resource which is recyclable and usable for the production of toys for children. We discovered these traits in sugarcane plants. These plants absorb carbon dioxide to grow while turning it into oxygen. Sugarcane plants are used by the food industry but also for clothing and medicine. A lot of usages but it also leaves some non-usable part. And that is the main part of the natural compound that BiOBUDDi uses for their products.

biobased blocks

The non-usable part of this sugarcane processing can be used to create bio-ethanol, this is a kind of alcohol used to create green polyethylene (Green PE). This polyethylene is compounded in Europe with some extra natural resources.

The compound that is created with this is patented by BiOBUDDi. All BiOBUDDi products are made with the compound that is highly biobased and we are the only using this unique compound in the world. It is a process that results in a large saving of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is a process that is circular. 

Made in the Netherlands

The formula of the eco-friendly products is vastly tested with EU and other international standards. To ensure the quality we check the production process from up close. This is also one of the reasons that the toys are produced in the Netherlands. Our process is guaranteed of respect for the earth and people on it.

It is our vision to Build a Better Tomorrow and our mission making products that are safe and do not harm the environment that we live in!